NuffnangX Dessert Tasting at Twenty Five Lusk

*Photo credit to 25Lusk.

Last Wednesday, NuffnangX hosted a blogger dessert tasting session at Twenty Five Lusk. Decadent desserts and blogger friends make for great mid-week motivation to get over that proverbial hump!


*Photo credit to 25Lusk.

Located in San Francisco’s SOMA district, Twenty Five Lusk was transformed from a smokehouse into an elegant restaurant with unique contemporary charm. It really is no surprise that the restaurant was recently selected to be on Architectural Digest’s Best New Restaurant Design list.


After some small talk, we were ready to start. The servers brought out our dessert platters and everyone whipped out their cameras/ phones and started snapping away. The platters were beautiful! Our decadent dessert sampling platter including miniature portions of the entire dessert menu at Twenty Five Lusk.


Executive Chef, Matthew Dolan, vividly described his inspiration behind each of his creations. Lucky us!


Then, the General Manager, Chad Bourdon walked us though the dessert wine pairings.


Our flight of six dessert wines was carefully selected to complement each dessert on the platter. The crowd favorite was the Elio Perrone “Bigaro”!


The desserts and wine pairings:

  • Upside Down Pineapple Cake with dark caramel and coconut sorbet.
    Jaboulet aine le chant des griolles muscat de beaumes de venise 2010 France
  • Lime Posset, a silky smooth lime custard with mint and champagne granite. The clear crowd favorite!
    Saracco moscato d’asti 2011 Piedmont Italy
  • Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich topped with strawberries, basil and vanilla powder with ginger undertones.
    Elio perrone “bigaro” 2011 Piedmont Italy
  • Textures and Chaos, a fun dessert with sugar glass, exploding cocoa (think chocolate pop rocks!), passionfruit and raspberry jam.
    Maximin grunhauser abtsberg auslese riesling 2009 mosel-saar-ruwer Germany
  • Salted Caramel Swirl Brownie with ice cream and anise meringue.
    Niepoort colheita port 1999 Portugal

Food bloggers (clockwise): Angela from Tea Time Adventures, Bonni from Chrysanthemum, Joanne from Jo Boston is a Foodie and Mahal to the Macs, Jennifer from 31 Flavors.

There was plenty of good conversation to go around. We talked about the dessert and wine pairings as well as shared our favorite local eats with each other. By the end of the evening, we were relaxed and happy with only one thing on our minds, “Can we do this every week?”.
Huge thank you to Chad and Matthew from Twenty Five Lusk for such a wonderful experience!

NuffnangX’s Seafood Extravaganza

We spent our weekend with amazing friends and delicious food at our very own seafood feast by the pier. 

We loved Scoma’s on Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco. Seafood lovers would definitely be in for a treat at Scoma’s as the seafood they serve come straight from their own ship and is processed right there on the pier. They managed to achieve that delicate balance between classy and cozy, definitely a place we’d go back to again and again. 

Food blogger tip #1: Let lose and have fun! In other words, “Ooh a bib, put it on and camwhore!”.

Food blogger tip #2: Always wait till everyone gets a good shot of the dish before digging in, even it the food gets cold :P

Food blogger tip #3: Don’t be shy to share your thoughts and food knowledge with fellow food bloggers!

As you can see, we feasted on some of the restaurant’s signature dishes including all sorts of fresh seafood! The amazing food along with our light, crisp Chardonnay and the view of the bay, we were convinced that nothing could top this.

And then, they brought out dessert.

We were beyond stuffed and very, very happy.

Thank you, Nick (Scoma’s very attentive, manager) and John (our wonderful server) for the hospitality!

Last but not least, thanks to all the bloggers to joined us at the feast! Shout out to Bay Area Food Club organizer, Jerome who dropped by despite having to run off mid-way for a prior engagement. Check out some their blog posts about the event and don’t forget to follow their blogs on NuffnangX!


NEW NuffnangX Conversations Layout!

Hi everyone!!

Have you guys noticed a change to the conversations layout on your blogs? In case you haven’t, the NuffnangX team has been working hard to improve your overall blog reading experience! We know how important it is for you to be able to connect easily and directly with your favourite bloggers.

Prior to this, all comments in response to a blog post would appear on top of the other.



Thanks to our team of very diligent geeks, indentations have been made to all conversations, making it easier for you to track all replies to comments.



So, how do you like the look of the new layout? Try it out by commenting on your favourite blogger’s post, and let us know what you think!

Link NuffnangX to your Twitter and Facebook!

Hello fellow blogosphere denizens, we have some great news to share – you can now link your NuffnangX account to your Twitter and Facebook!

Linking your account makes it easier to let people know what you are reading.  With this optional new feature, every time you follow a blog or favorite a blog post on NuffnangX, a post and/or tweet will be automatically published on your linked accounts.  Now you can share your favorite blogs with your friends and family just by using NuffnangX!

You’re probably thinking “Gee willickers, NuffnangX team, how might I link my account?!”  Don’t fret, we’ll walk you through the simple process.

  1. After signing in to NuffnangX, click your account name at the top-right to pull down a drop-menu.
    There’s also a shortcut on the right sidebar under “Link your account”.

  2. You will now find yourself on a screen that gives you two options: connect with your Facebook account or connect with your Twitter account. Click your preference to continue (note: you might have to reenter your password if signed in to NuffnangX via Facebook or Twitter).
  3. At the new screen are two unchecked boxes that, when checked, allow you to automatically post to your social media platform of choice when you either: A) follow a blog or B) favorite a blog post.  Make your selection and click Save Changes.


And that’s it!  Feel free to repeat the process for your other account as well : ]

Henceforth, every time you follow a blog or favorite a blog post, depending on which one(s) you have selected, a Facebook post or a tweet will be automatically published for you.  Check out the pics below to see some examples.


On Twitter:

Automatic tweet!


On Facebook:

Linked posts and tweets are limited to computers – for now.  We’re working on getting it on the app as soon as possible!

Until then, keep reading, our friends.


-The NuffnangX Team

StrEAT Food Photography Meetup

Last weekend, NuffnangX joined in the fun at the Bay Area Food Bloggers Meetup in San Francisco. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here’s our crazy long essay about the fun we had today.

We met at the SOMA StrEAT Food Park where we explored the food trucks.

There was plenty of fun (and sometimes serious) conversations about food and photography.
In this photo, bloggers were listening to Jerome a.k.a. the man behind Bay Area Food Bloggers.

What’s a food blogger gathering without food?
A small sample of food we indulged in include Pierogies (top) and crispy Brussels sprouts (bottom).

We made new friends and shared tips on food photography.

And we watched as bloggers got competitive in a little NuffnangX photography competition.

Prizes for the competition

Prizes for the competition courtesy of NuffnangX, Jerome and Content Magazine.

All smiles as we announced the winners of the photography competition.

Judging was tough! We hard a hard time deciding so the Most Mouthwatering Photo Award went to both Meghan and Jon. Meanwhile, Most Amusing Photo was awarded to Melissa for her photo of herself driving a food truck! There was also a special mention prize for JK and Angela whose submission was just begging us to reach in and grab some of the chips they photographed.

Congratulations to all the winners!

To top it off, bloggers JK and Angela baked us some amazing brownies. They’re not called Death by Caramel Brownies without reason. We took a bite and ended up in Caramel heaven!

We had a great time at the Bay Area Food Bloggers Meetup! Don’t forget to follow their blogs on NuffnangX:

  • Alanna of The Bojon Gourmet- pastry chef turned full-time blogger (Psst… bojon is reverse for ‘no job’, love it!)
  • Melissa of Serving Seconds- recipes, reviews, party ideas and lots of fun!
  • Jennifer of Ice Cream Moments- a whole blog devoted to ice cream, enough said.
  • JK and Angela of Tea Time Adventures- tea time adventures which began over a mutual love for chocolate
  • Ryan of The Packed Life- packed up his life into a car and plunged right into a travel adventure around the USA
  • Meghan of Three Oranges- yummy and healthy food!




[NuffnangX UK] January 2013 #BlogBash

What do the words Hugh Jackman, Blue, onesie, snow and Spitalfields all have in common? You might think the answer is absolutely nothing. And if you’re among the majority of people, you’d probably be absolutely right! But for a group of around twenty of London’s most prominent and active bloggers these were the words with which they kicked off what proved to be a fun, productive and social event.

NuffnangX held its inaugural #BlogBash evening at The Luxe Restaurant & Bar in Spitalfields on Wednesday the 23rd of January. The idea for the event was planted in the minds of the NuffnangX UK team when at one of their regular Afternoon Teas (#NuffTea), some bloggers worried out loud about the backlog of posts which they had accumulated; remarking on how difficult it was to find the time to sit down and get them written.

This got the team thinking, and they decided that they would organise an event centred around bloggers feeding off each other’s creativity and collectively sitting down to blog. Now it wouldn’t be a NuffnangX event if it was simply all work and no play, would it? So to keep it interesting a menu of scrumptious food was devised and a healthy selection of drinks sourced. A special word of thanks must be extended to the chefs and waitresses of The Luxe who looked after so well throughout the entire evening. The food was delicious, and our bloggers were never thirsty.

As if the amazing venue and the delicious food weren’t enough, each blogger also received a personalised goodie bag packed with delicious and useful titbits with which to indulge themselves. Rebecca from Biteable Beauty provided everyone with hair care products generously made available by Jason Natural Care. Along with some amazing Montezuma chocolates, Jaime from Jaimes Kitchen prepared some of the most wonderful tasting sables and meringues any of us had ever tasted (yes, you can quote us). Stylish packages were provided by The Luxe as well as some gift vouchers for future meals at the restaurant.

Once everyone had arrived, the NuffnangX team launched a little competition to get everyone in the mood for writing. And therein appeared the five words we mentioned earlier. Everybody was asked to write anything from a single line to a very short story, the only rule being that they had to include all five words and they had to submit their contribution within the set time limit of 25 minutes. Submissions ranged from the bizarre to the surreal, all were excellent but inevitably some stood out above the rest. The deserved winner was Eleanor Crossland from Cake Over the World whose witty poem gave everyone a good laugh and Sam from Globetrotter Postcards was a close runner-up with her short and sweet (and dare we say a little racy) story. Eleanor received a £50 voucher to spend at The Luxe and a signed copy of John Torrode’s ‘Beef Book’. Sam also received a signed book as it was so close to call!

To end off the night, Rebecca and Prad from Uncovering My Lens were awarded two cookery books each for coming up with the two winning suggestions for naming The Luxe bird which adorns its flag and logos. Opinions were divided between Prad who suggested the ‘Cluxe’ and Rebecca with ‘Sir Luxie Nuff Feathers’.

As the evening progressed bloggers socialised, shared ideas and advice, or worked on post backlogs that had built up over the festive season. There was much laughter and discussions and by the end of the evening it seemed that everyone there had had a thoroughly good (not to mention productive) time.

As our first #BlogBash event we, and all the bloggers we spoke to, had a great evening. We’ll be doing it again sometime in the future, when we feel our bloggers need a space and a moment to sit down in comfort and get some posts up!

Share the love and follow these bloggers!

Posts from the night!

Guidelines to migrate Disqus comments into NNX conversations for WordPress blogs

Hi everyone!

If you are blogging on a WordPress-based blog with the Disqus comments system, you can now migrate your comments from Disqus to NuffnangX Conversations by just following these 8 simple steps.

Please note that this is for WordPress-based blogs without the NNX plugin yet.

1. Go to Comments on your WordPress dashboard and look for your Disqus plugin.

2. Click on “Plugin Settings” at the top right of your Disqus plugin.

3. Check that the option “Disable automated comment importing” should be unticked.

4. Next, click on “Sync Comments” to sync your Disqus plugin with WordPress.

5. Install the NuffnangX plugin on your WordPress. To find out how, click here:

6. Go to Comments on your WordPress dashboard again and look for NuffnangX.

7. Enter your API Key to activate the NuffnangX plugin.

8. Click on “Export Comments” to sync your WordPress/Disqus Comments to NuffnangX.

We hope this makes viewing your comments on NuffnangX a lot easier!

If you face any difficulties, please drop our NuffnangX team an enquiry ticket at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Guidelines to add a “Follow Me” button on your blog

Hi everybody!

You might have noticed a row of buttons that has been recently added to your NuffnangX dashboard! Yes! We have now included “Follow Me” buttons for your followers to stalk check out your NuffnangX profile! They are available in different designs and sizes to suit your blog layout.



In order to get the HTML codes for the buttons, just click on the link “Get it now for your blog” and you will be directed to a page where you can choose your own button design.

At the page, you will need to click on the button design that you would like to insert into your blog and our system will automatically generate a HTML code for you.



You will also need to select a blog to display your spanking new NuffnangX button. If you don’t see your blog listed in the dropdown menu, you will need to claim your blog in NuffnangX first. Here’s how:



If you would like to customise your NuffnangX Follow Me button, you can download either the PNG or EPS file of our logo symbol and tweak it according to your style!



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[IMPORTANT] NuffnangX is Migrating its Server

Hi everyone,

Ever since the first incident of the Malware issue, we have been taking all precautionary steps necessary to avert a similar situation. To minimize the chances of this happening again, we are migrating our system to a new server today. However, before the migration is fully completed, some websites might continue to be blacklisted as suspicious. If you are one of the affected users, please read this on how to clear the Malware warning on your website. For all other malware-related questions, please send us an email at with details of your issue and we will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, please watch out for our announcements on  Twitter and Facebook.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for sticking around and supporting us thus far!

- The NuffnangX Team -

NEW! Plugin & Import Subscriptions from Google Reader

New plugin for 

Good news bloggers! There is a new NuffnangX Conversations plugin for you. Unlike the previous method of having to insert a code into your blog’s template to integrate NuffnangX Conversations, this new plugin:

  • Installs NuffnangX Conversations without editing your template;
  • Automatically synchronizes (i.e. imports) NuffnangX Conversations with your comments;
  • Exports your existing comments to NuffnangX Conversations.
Bloggers with blogs are encouraged to use this new plugin. Here are the installation instructions:
  1. Click on your username at the top-right hand corner of the screen, and select ‘Claim your blog’
  2. When you reach Step 3, select the option ‘WordPress Plugin.
  3. From your blog admin, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the zipped NuffnangX plugin file
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Click on Comments > NuffnangX and enter your NuffnangX API key.
  6. Click on Export Comments to sync your comments to NuffnangX Conversation

Existing users with the native javascript codes on their blogs are strongly advised to remove the NuffnangX Conversations code from your blog’s template (do the reverse of the instructions to insert the code into your blog’s template) and install this new plugin instead.

For more information, you may read this.


Import subscriptions from Google Reader

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Follow these steps to import your subscriptions from your Google Reader:

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